The Advantages of Working with SFS

Northern California’s Bridge Lender

Security Financial is neither a high-priced hard-money lender nor a slow-moving conventional originator. We specialize in providing short- to medium-term loans for commercial and select residential income properties in Northern California. Thanks to the mix of our own capital and low-cost lines of credit, we’re able to offer some of the lowest private lending rates around.

We fund deals that don’t work for traditional Banks. As a bridge lender, we take the time to work very closely with mortgage brokers, multiunit and residential income property owners, developers, builders, and  real estate agents  who need to close very quickly or who have a hard to finance property. We underwrite both the credit & income of the borrower(s) as well as the real estate.

Fast closings – in as few as 5 business days. We are a direct lender, so we don’t have to consult with outside investors to approve deals. We don’t employ traditional loan committees and our staff is trained to perform common-sense underwriting which gives us the ability to offer fast closings.

We know Northern California. Founded in 1943, SFS is headquartered in downtown San Francisco. There are many real estate lenders out there, but our team has an intimate knowledge of the local commercial and residential real estate markets.  

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